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Curriculum Vitae.

Name of the Artist: Francisco Javier Astorga Ruiz del Hoyo.
Javier Astorga studied architecture at UIA (Universidad Iberoamericana) in Mexico
city, achieving the highest point average in his class.
He has developed sculpture over 30 years, achieving an important position in the
field of Latin-American international artists.
His work has been acquired by collectors in México and governments in different
countries around the world, such as Spain, France, Sweden, Norway, China, Korea,
United Arab Emirates, USA, Canada, Argentina, Bolivia, the Netherlands, Africa and
Brazil, among others.
He has attended to symposiums and produced public sculpture in several cities in China
since 2001.
In recent years he has developed public sculpture for Symposiums and public parks
in Mexico and other countries around the world.

National and International Public Sculpture.

2001. He developed the sculpture “Song of springtime” (large size iron sculpture) and
“Mountains of the Moon” (carved marble) for the Changchun International Sculpture
Symposium, China.

2002. He created his monumental sculptures “Horse of the wind” (iron welded) and
“Urban Totem” (carving marble), for the 1st. Beijing International Sculpture
Symposium, oeuvres exhibited permanently at the World Sculpture Park, Beijing, China.

2002. Astorga produced his work “The King” (stainless steel welded), for the city of
Jorpeland, Norway, and located permanently at the gate of the municipality of this

2004. He was invited to produce his work”Reclining Figure” (sculpture in iron,
painted) for the EMMAR international Sculpture Symposium, Dubai, United Arab

2004. He produced his work “The Andean Cross” (iron and debris welded, painted)
for the city of La Paz, Bolivia. (The sculpture is permanently located at the gate of
entrance of the city).

2005. He was invited to the Kunming International sculpture Symposium, in the
south of China, where he created his work “Zara in the garden of Idols” (iron welded,

2006. He was invited to participate in the Boreyong International Sculpture
Symposium, at the Mosan art Museum, South Korea, where he created his monumental
sculpture “Teayo carries his moon over Korea” (carving granite).

2006. He created his monumental sculpture “Ixtus” (a 14 meter long iron and zinc
sculpture) at the lobby of the Hotel Camino real, Sta. Fe, Mexico City.

2006. His work “Spirit of the Olympiad” (casted bronze) was selected to participate
in the International landscape sculpture exhibition, for the Olympic Games in Beijing,

2006. He created his work “Dance of light” (iron bent, welded) for the city of
Amneville les Thermes, France.

2007. He was invited to produce his work “Echoes of the city around us” (sculpture in
carved Omani marble), for the EMMAR group in the city of Dubai, United Arab

2007. He developed his sculpture “Fugue and dimension in red” (sculpture in iron
painted commissioned by the auto firma BMW) for the hall of the Embassy of Germany
in Mexico City, Mexico.

2008. He carved the sculpture “Wetland fish” (carving red granite) for the
municipality of Hong Kong, China.

2008. He produced the sculpture “The arch of Sun” (carved wood), for the Miaoli
Museum in Sanji, Taiwan, China.

2009. He produced the sculptures “The King” and “Cloud” (both works in carving
marble and granite) for the Urban building company The House Project, in Beijing,

2009. He was commissioned to create his work “Contemporary Mask” (sculpture in
iron welded) for Ordo’s Park International Sculpture symposium, Inner Mongolia,

2010. He was invited to develop his work “Whale under the moon” (carving granite)
for the open air sculpture park at Laongo, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, West Africa.

2010. He created his work “Dance of Flowers and the Sun” for the Tangshan
International Sculpture Symposium, China.

2011. Javier Astorga was invited to create his works in carving wood “The Dance of
Forest and the Sun”, and  ̈Early rising Rooster”, for the Dongshish International
Wood carving Sculpture Event, in the Dongshish Forest District Office, Taiwan.

2012. Javier Astorga created his sculpture “Antarctica”, 300 cm high sculpture in white
marble for the 4th.Theran International Sculpture Symposium, Islamic Republic of

2013. He has recently been invited to produce his sculpture in granite “Song of the
water between the stones” and co-organize the Biennale Mexico-France of carving
stone in “Mark La Tour”, in the city of Tulle, southern France, from July 29th until
august 12th. , 2013.

2013. Javier Astorga is invited to produce “Early rising rooster”, a 5 mt. tall steel
sculpture for the city of Vermont, Massachusetts, USA, from August through

2013. Javier Astorga is selected worldwide with his carving wood sculpture “Sacred
Furnace of the world” to participate in the 2013 Miaoli International Sculpture
Competition, in the Miaoli Museum, Taiwan, (R.O.C.)

2014. Javier Astorga is selected to participate to the Caransebes Andezite
International Sculpture Symposium, where he created his granite “Song of the
Arctic”, 2.40 mts. High carving granite. (Roumania).

2014. Javier Astorga is selected for the 3rd. Wuhu Liu Kai Qu International
Sculpture exhibition, where he created his 8 meters high steel sculpture “Dance of
Flowers and the Sun”, in the city of Wuhu, southern China.

2016. Javier Astorga is selected for the 17th. China Changchun International
Sculpture exhibition, to create his work in steel “Dance of Flowers and the Sun”.
Northern China.

2016. Javier Astorga is selected to participate in the 1st. International Sculpture
Symposium in the city of Baku, Azerbaijan, to create his work in stone “Head of a

2017. Javier Astorga is selected to participate in the Suide City 1st. International
Sculpture exhibition, in SUIDE City, southern China, where he carved his work in
marble “Antarctica”.

2018. Javier Astorga is selected along with 44 International Artists to participate in
the China Fuqing 2018 First International Sculpture Exhibition, in the southern city
of Fuqing, China, to create his work in steel “Wei Dynasty Horse into the Future”.

2019. Javier Astorga is participating in a number of international Sculpture
exhibitions, such as the 2019 Fuzhou Binhai International Sculpture Exhibition “The
Maritime Silk Road”, The Zhengzhou International Sculpture Exhibition “ Human and
Nature”, and The 2nd. Wenzhou International Sculpture Exhibition “Chinese Pose-
Future Vision, all of them taking place in different cities in China.
Javier Astorga currently works in Mexico City, and teaches Public Metal Sculpture at
the Tsinghua University, Beijing , China.

2019. Javier Astorga is selected along with 26 world and chinese international sculptors to participate in the 20th. China Changchun International Sculpture Symposium, with his work "Muse holding Changchun", a 6 mt. high steel and painted public Sculpture, in the northern  city of Changchun, China. Early August- late September 2019.

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